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Paymate is recommended by as a safer payment method . As such it is fully integrated into the checkout which makes buying and selling with Paymate easy!

Paymate for eBay Sellers

Sellers on can offer Paymate as an approved payment option. By accepting payments via Paymate sellers receive their money faster because they get paid DIRECTLY into their bank account. Paymate's proven risk management service reduces fraud and our back office services enable sellers to focus on growing their business.

Buyers will be able to checkout WITHOUT registering with Paymate and simply enter their credit card details on a secure Paymate Express payment page to authorise payment.

Sellers in Australia can accept payments in AUD, USD, EUR, GBP and NZD from overseas buyers but Paymate converts these into Australian dollars for payment into the seller's local AUD bank account. Sellers can also list on and price in USD.

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for provisionnal approval to accept Paymate payments, eBay sellers must either have a feedback rating of 0 or positive feedback rating of at least 98%. eBay sellers must validate their eBay member ID by linking it to their Paymate account.

How sellers can use Paymate on

Step 1:  Register with Paymate - click here to find out how

Step 2:  Link your eBay ID with Paymate - read our step by step guide

Step 3:  Select Paymate as your preferred payment method on eBay

Step 4:  See also: Payments - for Buyers

Step 5:  Check your Payments Received in Paymate by logging in


Link your eBay ID with Paymate

  • You must be registered with as well as Paymate.
  • Log into your Paymate account and click on the 'Auction Services' tab.
  • Enter your eBay Seller ID and click on the SAVE button.
  • You will be linked to an page where you will be asked to authorise Paymate to be linked to your eBay account.
  • Simply click on the eBay button to complete this authorisation.
  • You will be linked back to the Paymate account where you will see the status of this authorisation - it should be 'ACTIVE'.
  • You will also see the Expiration Date for this authorisation - typically 12 months.  You will need to repeat this authorisation at that time.
  • You can also choose to delete this authorisation at any time.  If you do so, Paymate will not be linked to your eBay account any more.
  • You can now select Paymate as your preferred payment option the next time you log into eBay and go to the Sell Your Item form!


NOTE:  You can link only ONE eBay account to your Paymate account.  Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need to change the eBay account you have linked to Paymate.  Please DO NOT set up multiple Paymate accounts since these will be closed.

Why should you authorise Paymate to be linked to your eBay account?

Authorisation allows Paymate to request information from eBay about the buyer, the item and the seller so that the Paymate Express payment page can be filled in correctly for the convenience of both buyer and seller. Your buyer can simply click on the Paymate option at the checkout and authorise payment to you via credit card.

This process speeds up the payment , gets you your money faster and means you can ship the goods quickly.

Paymate for eBay Buyers

Buyers can make payments for purchases on via Paymate, which is integrated into the eBay checkout for ease of use. Buyers do NOT need to register to use Paymate – they simply use a credit card without disclosing details for a fast and secure payment.

Paymate Fees & Charges

eBay sellers listing on should register with Paymate and select the Account type most suited for their business. If they select a Standard account, the fees are:

  • 2.475% of the value of the payment + $0.55 (incl. GST) per payment
  • no buyer fees!

For other accounts and fee options, see our Australian Fees page.