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Buyer Protection Program

Paymate’s Risk Management protects Buyers and Sellers

Paymate operates world-class risk management systems and processes to protect both our buyers and sellers by identifying and managing risky transactions.  These include fraudulent purchases attempted by buyers using credit cards they are not authorised to use as well as fraudulent sales by sellers of goods and services they do not intend to deliver.

These risk assessments are conducted before we submit a payment to our bank for authorisation.  The buyer’s financial institution may also decline a payment for a variety of reasons, including insufficient funds in the account. However, under our Terms of Use Policy, Paymate is not the supplier of any goods or services paid for through the Paymate Service.  Any complaint a buyer may have should first be directed to the supplier of those goods or services.

Buyer Protection for eBay Purchases

Buyers making a purchase on from a Paymate TrustMark seller are protected by Paymate's Buyer Protection Program, see below.

NOTE: does not offer a Buyer Protection Program for payments via Paymate.

Buyer Protection for Purchases from TrustMark Sellers

Paymate offers a Buyer Protection Program for purchases made from Paymate-approved TrustMark sellers under the following terms:

  • Buyer must accept the terms of the Paymate TrustMark Program when making a purchase, including payment for traceable and receipted shipment;
  • Refund of up to $3,000 per buyer per claim for goods not received or goods substantially not as described;
  • A claim must be filed with Paymate within 45 days of the initial purchase via Paymate;
  • Payment must be made via Paymate and credit card under our Terms of Use with Paymate fees applicable;
  • Purchase must be for physical goods, not services, for delivery within the approved countries listed on our website via a traceable shipment method;
  • If goods are received but are not substantially as described, goods need to be returned intact to the seller at buyer's cost and provide ‘proof of shipment’ (an online-traceable shipping method). If you are unable to return the goods to the seller (e.g. no return address) then the goods need to be returned intact to Paymate at the buyer’s cost.
  • A Police Report may be required at Paymate's discretion;
  • After two claims in a 12-month period the buyer will not be eligible for further claims;
  • Limit of $3,000 in claims against a single seller (i.e. purchases from sellers with claims in excess will no longer be protected);
  • Seller must be in good standing with Paymate at the time of purchase and an approved participant in the Paymate TrustMark Program;
  • You have not initiated another form of resolution processing, including a credit card chargeback or a dispute under the eBay Buyer Protection Program.

To make a claim under the TrustMark Protection Program, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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